The Finnish Heritage Museum crowned its first year’s presence at its High Street location with a Wine and Cheese Reception for members only on July 5.
The Museum is featuring its first summer exhibit of local Finnish artists’ artwork. Participating artists are: Mickey Barks, Harvey Horton, Lasse Hiltunen, Nick Hiltunen, Seth Hiltunen, Larry La Bounty, Elaine Lillback, Noriko Maki, Sandy Miller, Heikki Penttila, Nancy (Kultti) Stanziale, Clint Stapleton, Rebecca Steinback, Jeff Suntala, Susan Troutman and Ken Valimaki.
Their presentations include prints from film and digital media, oil and acrylic on canvas paintings, sculptures of aluminum, steel, bronze and fiber optics, watercolor paintings, pottery, weaving, giclee on canvas, photographs, jewelry, and hand made wooden bowl and kanteles.
HPandJFThe displayed art pieces are available for purchase at the museum with 20% of the sale price going to the support of the museum. The art work is on display through August 20, 2008.

Curator Kathy Pierce Kuivinen relates, “Since our opening last summer, we have learned much. Suzanne Jokela has joined me in creating displays and we have developed a system involving the membership’s input in deciding themes and then borrowing items for display. We experienced a miracle a year ago, and I learned that collective sisu is a very powerful force!” Besides the present art collection, a current collection of Finn Hollow items are presented in the entrance room in a glass case. These items are from the Huhtanen, Sironen families of the early 1900’s.
Pat Spivak has developed, in cooperation with the Fairport Village Tourism Bureau, a Walking Tour of Fairport which will begin from the museum and end at the lighthouse on Saturdays. Tours are given during visiting hours of 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. The museum also offers nisu and coffee for guests, and a choice selection of gift items also on Wednesdays 1:00-4:00 and Sundays 1:00-4:00.
Laura Malkamäki wrote the request for Finlandia Foundation’s awarded grant for the plaques for the ten relocated houses of Finn Hollow 1888-1912 and the larger sign on High Street which acknowledges the original site of Finn Hollow, which is adjacent to the FHM.
Elaine Lillback’s books of Finn Hollow of Fairport, and Lempi of Finn Hollow relate the story of this important Finnish history of Fairport.4ladies
Our year’s programs organized by Vivian Heikkinen, have been rich indeed. They have included monthly programs about Finnish Art Glass, Finnish Family Roots and Photographs, dedication of the Honors Room, Finnish Stamp Collecting, Cemetery Legends of Fairport, and June’s Juhannus, just for 2008. Other programs with member participation this banner year include Karjalan piiraka baking class, multiple nisu baking classes, a "Fire and Ice" special, a 1920's Kaukonen Commemorative Speakeasy, cinnamon roll baking class, Finnish language classes, and of course, Pikku Joulu with Independence Day celebrations.
As Web master Lasse Hiltunen said, “It has been a wonderful year with many, many people making positive statements about the web site and the museum itself. The museum has provided excitement and optimism for Fairport. It is no longer a sleepy little town. Finnish Heritage Museum has put it on the map."
Story © by Elaine Lillback, photos © FHM and Lasse Hiltunen











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