Note:  dates are in reverse chronological order: Latest is uppermost.
2013 Security cameras were installed throughout the building--inside and out--providing us with 24/7 monitoring.
2013 Meanwhile, the Sculpture committe worked on and installed a fourteen by six foot sculpture outside of the museum.
2012 The second floor meeting room got a  primer coat and a second coat of light green paint.  Some of the more precarious areas (above the staircase) will be painted later. 
2011 The second floor meeting room had extensive repairs to correct structural issues including masonry and carpentry concerns:  repair of active mortar joints and re-securing floor joists.
2011 The meeting room was gutted and an actual ton of old concrete and plaster, and flooring material was carried out of thre building and down the fire escape to be deposited at the recycling center.
2011 Heating ducts were redirected and capped with new diverters to better distribute the heat in the library and main meeting room. 
2010 Insulation was installed in the ceiling space above the second floor by a contracted company.  Since there was zero insulation in place, this product should pay its cost back in a few years of heating. 
Summer, 2007

Extensive remodelling of the exterior walls on all sides of the building.  North side was pulling away and was anchored in place using long bolts.  Windows on the north side were "bricked up" since they were unnecessary.  The east side, or the front facade was completely redone, taking out unnecessary windows and replacing them with a two story window set that dramatically changed the building's appearance. The south and west walls had window replacements while the south also had a new doorway system with lights installed. 

#15 February, 2007 Drawings for window replacement and masonry repairs are being reviewed by the village and their consultants. - Work should commence in mid-March.

#14 December, 2006

Decorated and made operational the coffee shop and the gift shop.

#13 November, 2006

November work parties knocked down a wall, patched holes, moved furniture, rebuilt casings, cleaned carpets, installed new lights, installed new TV monitor, painted walls & woodwork, had new entry system installed, hung new sign, and "OPENED" the gift and coffee shop.

October 28, 2006

Work party is rescheduled--date to be announced.


October 14, 2006
Work party, two shifts, morning and afternoon.
#10 September 11, 2006

President’s Report Heikki reported that the Fairport Village Council has approved the design for 301 and now the bids for masonry and windows can be let.  They will go next week. There will be a window of 15 days for advertising, and 15 days for submission with the masonry contract awarded during the first or second week of October.  Window replacement for the large windows on the east face will occur during the first couple of weeks in November.  Heikki also asked for volunteers to remove paneling, wood door and window frames to save money on the contractual costs.  We are capable of demolition and thus saving that cost from the bids.  Tony Scheiber of Scheiber’s Hauling is donating a huge dumpster to accommodate the demolition/construction detritus.  There will be much done by the end of November.

#9 July 15, 2006
(REPORT RECEIVED July 15, 2006--click here).
#8 July 15, 2006
The Committee’s report is due July 5, 2006.  Work can proceed after that approval. Penttila said: “We’ve been getting wonderful support from the local Finnish community about their museum, and now we are reaching out for more support from Finns who are living outside the area.  After all, this museum is about Finns and their lives and that needs to be celebrated.  That’s what our museum is all about.” Click HERE for remainder of this story
Ongoing negotiations with Fairport Village regarding the building. Also, architectural plans have been submitted to the State of Ohio Architectural Review Board for approval
#6 November 8, 2005
November 8, 2005 Fairport Harbor Village Council and FHM agree to lease the building.  Still to be decided are various parts of the lease and renovation plans.
#5 May 9,
May 9, 2005 Meeting discussed the 301 property, the lease, and the work to be done. Blueprints and drawings have been submitted for approval.  Finlandia Foundation grant received.
#4 March 14, 2005


March 14, 2005 Meeting.  Negotiations are proceeding with Fairport Village Council regarding the building and the grant to repair it.
#3 September 13, 2004
September 13, 2004 Meeting. Heikki Penttila discussed the Fairport Lighthouse Association’s grant to fix Senior Citizen’s building.  Other possible museum sites evaluated.
#2 MAY 10, 2004
May 10, 2004 Meeting.  Building Committee is searching for permanent museum sites in Fairport.  Six sites are investigated, two temporary, and four permanent.
#1 MARCH 8, 2004
March 8, 2004 Meeting. Letter to FH Village Council and Mayor asking for use of the old building be drafted and sent.













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