By Lasse O. Hiltunen

In a diversion from the usual presentation mode, the Finnish Heritage Museum celebrated its start to the Summer with an out door picnic in Finn Hollow Park, which is adjacent to our building.  Below to the right, members enjoy the sunshine, warm weather, and of course each other's company.


Recognized as guests were the Sam Harless family members: Sam, Nan, Samantha, and Shannon. They were all invited to attend since Shannon was to receive the Nick Hiltunen Memorial Scholarship Award. Given every year to an outstanding Fairport Harding graduate who meets the requirements, the one thousand dollar one time award helps towards college expenses. Shannon, a 2014 Fairport Harding graduate, accepted graciously and gave a short kiitos (thank you) speech, which featured her Finnish background.   She is pictured here to the right, below.ShanwMic

In conjunction with the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse and Marine Museum, FHM members were invited to tour the Marine Museum and climb the stairs to the observation deck on the light house. Following that excursion, which is a short one block walk away, members returned to Finn Hollow Park where the grillmaster, Ron Boyett, was already cooking hot dogs. Our members first filled their plates with home-made salads, pastries, pies, before dining outside, ulkosalla. It is important to note that the food was all provided by our membership and by FHM.

RontoivSerendipitously, the local paper, the News Herald, published a story about the Suolahti project which was a wonderful, heartfelt effort by many people to donate goods and good will to the war torn village of Suolahti. FHM’s Ron Toivonen was part of that effort as a Cub Scout in 1948-49.

The full story can be seen on the home page with a link to the News Herald. (With thanks to the NH for the story and the link.)

The President acknowledged the wonderful work of Elaine Lillback, FHM’s Ace Reporter, who after turning ninety, decided to retire from that position. Many thanks for your diligent efforts. 

John Olilla also was coaxed into singing one of his sea sailing songs, although coaxed may overstate the verb. The crowd did enjojohnoy it.  Kiitos Jussi!






During the business part of the meeting, the membership passed unanimously, a new “Membership Policy” which more accurately defines the categories, levels of membership, and benefits.

That policy can be seen on our website (http://www.finnishheritagemuseum.org/MembershipPg/index.html).  More fun pictured below.

bill  virpi

Next month’s program will feature Mike Loovis, who will discuss “Suomi through the eyes of an adopted Finn.”


Photos © Bill Lukshaw, 2014.  Text © Lasse Hiltunen, 2014










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