FHM is always busy with visitors

By Sharon Ojanpa Mackey, FHM reporter


This spring has been a busy one for FHM, with visitors from around the area. On Sunday, April 9th, a beautiful sunny day, the Museum saw an influx of old, restored model A cars. Members of a northeastern Ohio model A car club toured the Museum and enjoyed the traditional coffee and nisu. The FHM hosts for the afternoon were Anne Pohto, Donna Lesiacsek, curator Suzanne Jokela, Shirley Northcot, and Beverly Harbour. Our resident weaver, Rebecca Steinbeck gave a demonstration on our 100+-year-old loom. The visit was such a hit, another antique car club booked a tour for May.

On Thursday, April 13th, Jan Baldree, who teaches at the Fairport Harbor schools, took her class on a tour of Fairport Harbor as part of a Community Awareness program. FHM was the first stop on the tour. Here the students learned about the early Finns and what part they played in the development of the town. They also learned a little about the history of Finland and its culture. Lasse Hiltunen, President of the Museum and a retired Fairport Harbor teacher and principal, conducted the tour. Rebecca Steinbeck, also a former teacher, again showed off our antique weaving loom and answered any questions the students had about the making of the woven cloth.

The Western Reserve Chapter of the Antique Automobile Club of America visited the museum on Friday, May 5th. They also toured the Fairport Harbor lighthouse and museum, which is just a block down the street from FHM. Again coffee and nisu were served by hosts Donna Lesiacsek, Annikki Tompkins, Shirley Northcott, Anne Pohto, and curator Suzanne Jokela.

You can see that much is happening at FHM. If you are ever in the area of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, please put us on your itinerary. We can be contacted through our website: finnishheritagemuseum.org. This site also features upcoming events and happenings. We would love to meet you.










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