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Jeff1The regular monthly meeting of the Finnish Heritage Museum (FHM) was held on Monday, September 10, 2018. After the welcome by President Lasse Hiltunen and invocation by Hal Pelto, Lasse and Jovette presented a remarkable slide show of their 1,123-mile river cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg. In Moscow, they also enjoyed the subways, whose art and architecture reflected the buildings along the cruise route, and which are decorated with beautiful art on the walls and ceilings.

Moscow was established as a city in 1147. The kremlin in Moscow means “a place of safety,” and many cities have kremlins. Because of the FIFA championship games being played in the city, security was a priority, but Lasse did stand on the tsar’s podium.

St. Basil’s Cathedral, now a very colorful museum, stands in Red Square. Ivan the Terrible is said to have blinded the architect after the church was built so there would never be another cathedral as beautiful as St. Basil’s.

After three days in Moscow, the cruise ship traveled through several locks on its journey to St. Petersburg. Along the way, the passengers were able to visit a private house where potatoes and bread were served, accompanied by, of all things, moonshine.russtudent

Several different cities along the Moscow River were visited and toured. Each city had its own church or multiple churches with accompanying storied history. Some of the stories were colorful and some were downright morbid. Take the story of Prince Dmity, the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible. People thought Dmitry would ascend to become ruler whereupon Boris Gudonov, a courtside operative who rose to become a Tsar. Anyway, Dmitry, an epileptic died mysteriously. He apparently fell upon his own sword seven times. Indeed!

Uglich had its own market, similar to the West Side Market in Cleveland. Lasse and Jovette managed to taste a number of the offerings of food in the markets. In one town along the way, the school, which went through the eighth grade, put on a program for their visitors.

One thing disturbing to the Hiltunens, both teachers in a former life, was that all art seemed to be prescribed. There was no creativity or thinking outside the box. A person made what he or she was told to make.

Lasse and Jovette’s pictures of the trip were colorful and stunning. The presentation was enjoyed by all who were in attendance.

After this very enlightening program, the group broke for refreshments provided by Ken Quiggle, Ron Peura, and Bill Lukshaw. The business meeting was then called to order.

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