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Jeff1It doesn’t seem possible that another year has gone by, but it is undeniably 2019. This past year was busy and productive for the Finnish Heritage Museum (FHM) in Fairport Harbor, Ohio. 2019 promises to be just as busy and memorable. Below are some of the programs and events we took part in during 2018.

The picture on the left shows FHM members in the One World Day parade in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

St. Urho and his wife usually make an appearance at our March meeting to make sure the grasshoppers have all been banished from Finland, and our Museum, and are not quietly infiltrating our festivities. This year was no exception, as the saint made his rounds. In June, Juhannus was celebrated on the beach below the lighthouse in Fairport Harbor. There is always good food and a very large bonfire. In between these events, we were lucky enough to enjoy a visit from several Finnish foreign exchange students who told us about their experiences in this country and compared the educational system here with that in Finland.

This year, we also learned about the very early Finnish houses built in Finn Hollow in Fairport Harbor, near where the Museum now stands. At our July meeting, Jon and Brigette Skytta presented a slide show of their Camino Spiritual 500 mile walk. In August, we learned more about the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. We are sponsoring the Finnish Garden and take part in events, such as One World Day, that emphasize the many different ethnic gardens that line Martin Luther King Drive in Cleveland. Ken Quiggle is the man to see for more information about this, and how to get involved.

Our President, Lasse Hiltunen, and his wife Jovette presented a travelogue of their river trip through Russia. Then Jovette kept busy by writing the play for our Murder Mystery Dinner Theater, which was a huge success. In October, we were lucky enough to have two wonderful presentations, the first by Patricia Ochman, who presented a talk on the Sami people. The next week, Frank Eld presented a demonstration on Finnish log cabins. Both these programs were exceptional.

At the November Museum meeting, WWII veterans from Fairport Harbor were celebrated with a reading of their correspondence. The readings were done by descendants of the veterans, and gave insights into the day-to-day life of the enlisted man. And of course, Pikku Joulu was celebrated in December along with Finland’s Independence Day. At this celebration, as always, there was good food and camaraderie.

As you can see it was a very busy and fun filled year; and 2019 promises to be just as busy, fascinating, and thought–provoking. Our first Executive Council meeting of 2019 will be held on January 30. The focus of this meeting will be planning for the new year. It will be hard to top some of the programs we had in 2018, but our members always seem to come up with great ideas. I’m sure this year will be filled with just as many commendable programs as in the past.

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