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 Second Annual Meeting



  Costume Display


  Finnish Stamps by Tom Matpack

  Diamond Alkali

  Finland Tour Summer

   Loom Restoration


  Finnish Architecture Heikki Penttila

   Malkamaki Woodcarvings Delight Audience

   Leif Owren, Volunteer at War for the Finns

   Amy Werronen Presents her Quilt

   Kathy Kuivinen Presents Finnish Music, Then and Now

   Kaleva and Kalevala De-Mystified by Leivo and LaBounty

    Larry LaBounty Presents The Kantele, a Finnish musical instrument

    Anja Vincent Presents the Lottas

    Anja Vincent Presents Finnish Education, which leads the world.

    A traveling School in Finland

      The Finn Hollow Program with Dr. Peter Lillback


  John Taipale presents the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse

  Bill Newbury Presents the Finnish Stove/ furnace

   TALVI, LUMI, JÄÄ or WINTER, SNOW, ICE by Vivian Heikkinen

   Our neighbors to the North, Canadian Finns by Hannu Vepsalainen

   3D or Shadow Boxes, creating Memories, by Jovette Hiltunen

   The Legacy of the Swede-Finn Delaware Expeditions  By Elaine Lillback

   Honoring our Veterans, our War Heroes, by Mel Fundermark

    DNA and Its Effects on Genealogy, By Lasse Hiltunen

    A look at Finnish War Weaponry, by JT and Linda McAdams



   Finland, Inc.  By John Laituri

   Finnish Cross Country Championship Skiers by Tom Cook

   Suomenhevonen or Finnish Work Horse, a Dying Breed by Judith Barrett

    Finnish Band Leaders Make Wonderful Music, by Dick Lehtinen

    Finnish Heritage Museum tells great tales, an open mike night

    Rum Running through the Roaring 20's, by Dale Pohto

     A Spring Concert with Nautical Stories, by Nick Hiltunen

     Ohio Tourism gets its start with Pat Spivak


      First Fairport Finn Businesses Presented by Kangas, Maki, and Pohto

     SECOND GROUP OF FAIRPORT FINNISH BUSINESSES HIGHLIGHTED         presented by Mackey, Katila, and Pohto

        Hill's Hardware and the Hill Family featured in final program of 2012, by Suzanne HIll Hinkleman  

FHM DELIVERS SECOND OF THREE FAIRPORT FINNS PROGRAM by Ollila, Lillback, Quiggle, Werronen, and Werronen.

FHM PRESENTS THE THIRD SERIES OF FIRST FAIRPORT FINNS by Spivak, Mackey, Vrabel, Pohto, Silvi, and Hadden

FHM Members Celebrate National Apron Day

Finnish Heritage Museum Presents a Typical Finnish"Coffee Table" for Guests

Professor Paul Hilston Explains Finland's Geology


President's Message: The State of the Museum 2012 by Lasse Hiltunen, President


Finnish Stamps Provide History, by Ron Peura

Dr. Amy Kaukonen Visits with Lisa Potti Profughi and Bob Potti

A Christmas Party: Meidän Museon Pikkujoulut

The 2012 Inductees to the Hall of Fame Presented

Finnish Jewelry Shines and Gemstones Sparkle


Sir Robert of Finland--A Finnish Jouster's Story

Finnish Foreign Exchange Students Brighten FHM

The Oscar Hill Family and the Edmund Fitzgerald Connection

Sweet Thoughts and Candies From Finland

Glenn Sippola talks about Nokia

Spirit of Finland Stands Quietly and Proudly

President's Message: The State of the Museum 2013 by Lasse Hiltunen, President


President's Message: The State of the Museum 2014 by Lasse Hiltunen, President

Finnish Fantasy and Fun by Jovette and Lasse Hiltunen

Ron Toivonen Searches for Finnish Roots

Four Presenters give us Helsinki's Churches

Bronze Plaques Dedicated

F1 and Rally Racing

Finnish American War Heroes

Finnish Fun and Fantasy

The FH Heritage Group

Juhannus Celebration

My Adopted Finland

Elimaki Story

Park Colfield

Picnic in Finn Hollow Park

Purse Party and High Tea Fun Raiser

Suolahti Story

The Weavers

Where's My Cousin?


Do You Remember Painesville, Ohio?

St. Urho's Day Celebration

Finn Hollow Story

A Tribute to Sibelius

Finland's Winter War

Sisu is in the Heart--a stage reading

Sisu Production

Short Video about FHM's members and acting


Images of God

Annual picnic

Kaustinen Music Festival

Finnish Folks on the Titanic

The Ashtabula Trip

A New portrait of FHM

Annual Finnish Presidential message


Mad Hatter Fund Raiser

Christmas celebration


Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Create/Make/Perform Workshops for Lake County Senior Citizens

St. Urho Re-visits FHM

State of the Museum, 2015 President's Message

Curator's Report, 2015

FHM In Memoriam pages to honor our departed members

Cultural Education Special

Create/Make/Perform workshop for Seniors and Teens.

FHM Cleans up Finnish Garden in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens.

Four More Finn Hollow House and Family stories.

Finland's Other Cultures

Create/Make/Perform is ready to deliver

The Rannila Project

The Finnish Garden in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens is ready

Create Make and Perform 30 Micro-Plays in 60 Minutes is successful.

One World Day Celebration at Cleveland Cultural Gardens

FHM Celebrates the new Hungarian Monument

Zion Celebrates its 125th

Crossing the Pond, an Immigration story

FHM Happenings

Christmas traditions


Whose Girl You? a genealogical presentation

Grape Dignitaries visit FHM --St. Urho

Concert Celebrating Finland's 100th anniversary

FHM is Busy with Visitors

10th Anniversary of FHM

Juhannus 2017


Finnish Symbols, Part 1

One World Day CCG

Finnish Symbols, Part 2

Anniversary Dinner

Pukki Tales

Outstanding Year 2017


FHM Volunteerism at its best

Rannila Project Concord

Bicycle Built for Two

Foreign Exchange students visit FHM

Ten Great Finnish Innovations with thanks to the Guardian

Rooming Houses in Fairport Harbor

Fairport Harding High School teachers travel to Finland

Juhannus 2018 is successful

Camino de Santiago, or the Way of Saint James

Virtual Tour of the Finnish Garden in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens

The 2018 Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre / Fund-raiser was a success.

Hiltunens Take A Russian River Cruise

Lapland and the Saami

One World Day at Cleveland Cultural Gardens is Successful

Frank Eld Educates FHM about Finnish Log Cabins

Honoring Our Veterans

Independence Day and Pikku Joulu Celebrated


In Memoriam Milton Mackey 1922-2019

Looking Back at 2018

Rebecca and the Loom

Ring Stationery of Finland

In Memoriam Sarah Jane Kiikka Edwards

The Pentilla's Visit the Finnish Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Juhannus 2019

The Four Finn Hollow sisters












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