Finnish Heritage Museum Has a Home

The museum is located on the corner of High and Third Streets in downtown Fairport Harbor, Ohio just two blocks from Lake Erie and one block from the Finnish Monument. The building served the village for years in various public service capacities and until recently operated as the Fairport Harbor Senior Citizen's Center. The structure is slated for extensive repairs and remodeling in order to accommodate our museum exhibition galleries, library, workrooms and office areas.

FHM is comprised of dedicated volunteers, all of whom have some Finnish ancestry and/or connection. Our members meet monthly to discuss museum business and plan for future events. In just a very short time, we have successfully arrived at a point which says, "we are here, we are serious, and we are active."

The building has existed since 1922-23 and has served Fairport Harbor well as a Police Station complete with a single "holding" jail cell in the back, as a volunteer Fire Department with kitchen and firemen's quarters, and a Village Hall meeting room for monthly meetings.

FHM building

TIMELINE  of the Museum

2002 Museum Idea born, Linda Katila, originator. Katila had approached several individuals with the idea of preserving items reflecting their history and heritage.
Co-founder Veikko Malkamaki followed through, called many people, and set up a time and place for the original meeting. The museum was born on that night.
Original name was Fairport Finnish Museo Association.

Founding members: Ailiin Andrews, Vivian Heikkinen, Linda Katila, Raili and Matti Lehtonen, Laura and Veikko Malkamaki, Niles Oinonen, John Ollila, and Viola Pohto.
November 18, 2002 First Meeting held at Zion Luther Center

January 13, 2003 second meeting at Katila home. Seven original members decide to “proceed full steam ahead.”
2003 Board Members:
Co-Presidents: Linda Katila John Ollila
Secretary: Ailiin Andrews
Treasurer: Veikko Malkamaki

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