The Finnish Heritage Museum is dedicated to preserve Finnish and Finnish/North American Heritage for future generations and to provide all visitors with an opportunity to learn about and better understand Finnish and Finnish/North American history and culture.

Finnish Heritage Museum (FHM) is collecting objects that help explain, document, and reflect life in Finland, traveling to North America, and life in North America. How do we define "life?" It means work, play, sport, family, church, etc.; essentially all of the things we do everyday. Categories will include such items as those selected to describe aspects of the home, leisure, farm, and business. The list includes all forms of Textiles (clothes, table coverings, lace, rugs, fabric, knitted items, etc.), Kitchenware (cooking utensils, coffee pots, cookbooks, bakery items, etc.), Decorative Arts in all materials (paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, art glass, etc.), Furniture, Toys, Objects of Communication (letters, postcards, photographs, note cards), Finnish Souvenir/Muistot (remembrances from Finland, especially those that were handmade or those that commemorated a special event like the 1952 Olympics), Handmade Tools, Handmade and/or Hand Decorated Boxes, Birch and Pine Basketry, Storage and Immigrant Trunks, Military Service/Patriotism, Sheathed Knife/Puukko, Currency (old types of money), perhaps an entire example of a household Sauna, etc. FHM is particularly interested in objects that help tell the story of Finnish life there and here.

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