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"Finnish Heritage Museum Makes changes"
Lasse O. Hiltunen, President

In the last state of the museum report (2019), fhm was cruising right along. The continued success is attributable to several factors which are the outreach program, the monthly educational program, financial management, and a clear vision of purpose exercised consistently by officers and members.

However, along came covid 19 and everyone, including fhm was shaken to the core. Vaccines, social distancing, and masks were the requirements of the day. Our membership was and is particularly vulnerable with age and all the challenges that inevitable condition brings along.

Our general membership meetings have changed significantly to accommodate covid requirements and needs of our clientele. All our meetings are relocated to the zion church parlors, 508 eagle street, fairport harbor, ohio with a 2:00 pm start. We can practice social distancing with more room, and we can better meet the needs with daylight times instead of evening meetings.

We also used the down time effectively by completing building repairs. The back room, or b gallery, suffered water damage which was corrected. More work is scheduled in the coming months. Roof work and gutter cleaning also was completed.

Our first educational program finally took place in february followed by another in march with st. Urho celebrated. April saw robin luthanen pay tribute to lillian luthanen robinson with a well-deserved profile describing a lifetime of legal and public service to the general public and to many finnish people. Many in the audience had robinson as an attorney and benefitted from her legal expertise.

It is important to realize that all the programs which finnish heritage museum produces are all voluntary without any cost. Each program is related to the finnish experience.

More programs are scheduled for 2022. In may, fhm member eric lehti will present tombstones and tools used by Eric's father who made a name for himself by carving the stones.

June will see fhms annual juhannus program celebrated at the fairport harbor beach pavilion. Participants can bring their own food dish for themselves or to share. The traditional bonfire will light the night. Start time is six pm.

In july, noted local artist gene kangas will present the finnish monument which he designed. That artwork is built of imported finnish red granite and was installed in the village park. Kangas will detail the design, production, and installation of the piece.

The cleveland cultural gardens where the finnish cultural garden is located, will be presented as a highlight of finnish history locally displayed. The finnish heritage museum is the sponsor of the garden and is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the site. This is augusts program.

David holmstrom will present septembers program growing up in erie, pa featuring many cultural items touching the finnish experience.

October will feature member pentti maki who will describe and illuminate historically the finnish community in fairport harbor.

Novembers program will focus on war stories presented by fhm members. All will contribute to veterans day, which fhm recognizes each year.

The educational programs will conclude in december with our yearly independence day celebration and the traditional pikku joulu event.

No reservations are required for any of these programs. However, if you are going to attend, let us know. Email is monitored:, or you can contact us at (440) 352-8301. Regular mail is addressed as Finnish Heritage Museum, PO Box 1121, Fairport Harbor, Oh 44077.

The museum is open on every saturday, from 10 am to 3 pm.